Thursday, July 31, 2008

A quick stop in L'Aquila...

We left Thursday morning for a quick trip to the other side of the Italian Peninsula. President had some interviews in L'Aquila. The missionaries there were just like all the others we saw in the mission...nice, happy, outstanding young men who were thrilled to receive their mail. I had hand-delivered a package to Elder Shepherd from his mom. She sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and sent he and his companions some CDs. He is from American Fork and went to the same high school as Andrew does now. As a matter of fact, he took drum lessons from Andrew's teacher and was in the marching band. What a small world!

The missionaries gave us some great directions into the city and told us where to go. I am grateful, as we would have missed the best parts if we had gone in on our own. It is a small city, but it seems to be very wealthy. There didn't seem to be tourists, just locals. It felt like Park City, or somewhere like that. People were very nicely dressed and drove very expensive cars. It was very clean and well kept.

We ate here for lunch, it was so yummy. Check out the roasted pig! It was fabulous. Not as good as the Fisher's pork, but close!

They had a castle, complete with a moat. It is now a museum. We didn't have time to go inside, but we heard it was great. Maybe next time!

We loved all of the cobblestone streets and sidewalks that went up and down the hills. It made for a very picturesque scene.

This was definitely one of the prettier cities we had been to. It would be a fun little place to stay a weekend.