Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kimberly at the Timpanogos Temple...

Kimberly is preparing to leave on her mission next week. She enters the MTC on July 23rd. I won't be able to see her off because I will be on my trip. We will, however, be at her farewell on Sunday morning, which will be an easier time to say goodbye to her.

She went through the Timpanogos Temple for the first time today. It was a beautiful day for her, as well as the family.

Most of Jeff's family was able to come, which was so nice. Kimberly's Aunt Laura was her escort.

Jennifer & Randy, Mary and I were all there from our family.

I'm glad that Mark & Aersta were there for Kimberly as well. It was the perfect day. We missed Karen & Jeff, we know that they are where they need to be, but we still missed them.


Kim said...

I thought sister missionaries are supposed to be ugly and fat...she is going to distract those elders. She is darling!
PLEASE blog your trip as you go...it's my turn to be jealous